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It’s not just the trek, there is much more in Triund

I didn’t want to take rest. I was not concerned about my tired muscles. Finally, I reached Triund.  The valley was so beautiful, green, with a spectacular view of snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. Many tents were fixed over the meadow. People had reached already. I bought a tent, kept my bag and went for a walk around

Everywhere I saw happy faces, some are in groups chilling out together, some with camera capturing the beauty of Triund. Another group was doing yoga in a peaceful corner, some smoking hashish, couple of Buddhist monks were meditating and few souls immersed in deep thoughts. The weather was pleasant. I sat on a nearby bench, ordered a cup of hot chai; whole Triund valley in front.

Upon reaching the top, the first thing that will strike our eyes is a small temple. Other than that, forest department guest house is the only concrete structure in Triund top.

Soon the weather changed, clouds came very fast and brought rain. Big drops fell over my body and saw hailstones bouncing on the ground. I went back to my tent. The rain lasted for an hour. Heavy wind followed the rain, strong enough to carry my tent feared that my along with it. 

Soon after the wind stopped, I could see fog coming up from the valley and Triund disappeared within minutes. It was completely white everywhere, I was in clouds for some time.

Time passed, the fog cleared, it was evening.  Everyone came out of their tents. Triund became live again. I receded to a peaceful place little far from the crowd. Nothing stopped me from looking at the mountains.

Triund Valley image
Rainbow moment

A big campfire was set up, people gathered around it, singing and talking. A cold breeze was blowing throughout. Everything seemed very slow here. I was floating on the sea of thoughts, thinking about the reason that brought me to Triund.

Sun sets late in these mountains, the sky was beautiful. It was like a painting, more colours. Sunrise in Triund is special. I decided not to miss it next day. First rays of the morning will fall on the peaks turn them golden, told one of the fellow traveller.

Triund sunrise image
Sunrise from Triund


Further trek to the north of Triund can be done to reach snowline. Beyond snowline, the trek will get tougher. Since I have to spend some more time exploring McLeodganj, I decided to stop at Triund. Many shepherds were going further towards snowline with their sheep in search for better grazing grounds. They spend many days over there. Fires from their camps can be seen on the far mountains.

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Darkness crept towards the valley slowly and Triund turned more beautiful in the moonlight. The shops became very busy serving food.

Later everyone went to their own world, it was silent. The temperature dropped. The florescent bulbs from the shops died. I laid down on the grass, it was wet. Billions of stars shined over me. Eyes closed, I listened to the wind whispering in my ears on its way to the mountains.

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