Vilpatti, a lesser known village in Kodaikanal

Though I travel to Kodaikanal very often, I never prefered to stay in the same place twice. Every time I try to visit a new place. I visited Kookal once, a village far away from the city and fell instantly in love with the beauty of the village. From then onwards, whenever I go to Kodai, villages are my favourite destination other than crowded and boring tourist spots. This time, my destination in Kodaikanal was Vilpatti, a village very near to the town but very beautiful. There is nothing much to do or see in Vilpatti. If you are a person who doesn’t want to fall in the tourist traps of Kodaikanal, who likes to spend some time in a peaceful place, who adores forests, sunsets and the misty mountains; then  Vilpatti would not disappoint you.

Vilpatti is a panchayath which includes few other hamlets like Kuridasimeth, Kovilpatti, Pallangi etcetera. Agriculture is the main economic activity in this area, the crops include potatoes, beans and vegetables. Steep hills are turned into farmlands by step farming.

Vilpatti Kodaikanal

I reached Kodaikanal on a Saturday morning. From there, another 30 minutes journey took me to Kovilpatti, a small settlement very close to Vilpatti. Last time when I came to Kodaikanal, I visited Kurusadimeth, which is on the other side of the mountains.

The climate was cold since it is winter. I spend the day roaming around the village. Occasionally fog came and wrapped the valley, bite me with a sudden chill. Watching the valley getting clear after the fog is scenic.

The evening was magical, the sky turned into a beautiful canvas of colours. My cottage was on top of a hill, I got the best views of the whole valley. As it turned night, millions of stars lit up in the sky. It was beautiful. In Kodaikanal, I always had the best night sky. Sitting with friends around the fire and watching those stars is my favourite thing to do here.

The people here in these mountains are very friendly, another reason for my love for these villages. Unlike in the town, where we are often chased by taxi drivers and tour guides, in the villages, we are completely free. The people in the village will welcome us wholeheartedly, share their stories and we feel like the part of the village. It was little difficult for me to come back.

How to reach Vilpatti

Vilpatti is just 7 km from Kodaikanal. It is very easy to reach. Buses are very frequent, you won’t find it difficult to get a bus from the bus station. You can also hire taxis, they will charge around 400-500 INR. I suggest you to take a bus instead of taxi so you can save some money.

If you like to explore a new place by walking, then you can walk up to Vilpatti village from Kodaikanal town. The road to Vilpatti is easy to walk.

Kodaikanal villages

Accommodation in Vilpatti

There are many cottages in and around the village of Vilpatti. A little search in the internet can help you to find the right type of stay you look for. During weekends and festival time, it is always better to book your accommodation in advance. There are few resorts which provide camping, trekking etc.

Things to do

There are not many things to do in Vilpatti. You can spend a day or two here simply roaming around the village, talk to people, eat from local restaurants, learn about the life of people.

You should not miss the sunsets and sunrise here. The evenings are beautiful. Nights will be cold, perfect to watch the stars.

So that’s all about this small village, hence a small blog post. I suggest you find some time to explore these villages if you are in Kodaikanal. It will be a different experience, and you will definitely like it.

Also, read about the trek to Vellagavi village, another small village perched on the Kodai hills.

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  1. That was quick !

    1. Yeah…Can’t wait to write about this place

  2. I lived in a village near Mysore for two months and this one looks interesting. Nice description of the village.

    1. Thanks Kishor…Glad that you liked Vilpatti village.

  3. It’s great to learn about new places in India. It seems like every city and town has its own charm. Vilpatti sounds like a good place to go when you need a break from the bigger cities!

    1. Thanks Brianna

  4. Visiting villages is a great way to connect with local life, customs and people. Thanks for sharing about this area

    1. You are welcome friend,
      Am glad that you liked the post.

  5. Traveling is discovering not only other places but people also. And I think the best place to pick is the villages. In the villages, there’s enough room for interaction with the locals and even nature. Vilpatti deems like my type of village, it’s cool and serene.

    1. Thanks Lydia, you got my point. We will never get a better life experience from anywhere else other than villages.

  6. The countryside looks so nice. One day.

    1. Hi Ian,
      You should definitely visit Kodaikanal one day.

  7. It sounds very peaceful! Without too many things to do visits can be so calming. Nice that it’s easy to get to!

    1. Nina, I completely agree with you. My two days stay in Vilpatti was very peaceful. I totally enjoyed my time there.

  8. I like that when you travel you try to stay in all different types of villages. I think we learn so much more by new experiences 🙂

    1. Thanks Sherrie

  9. One of the best things about traveling is that you can learn lots about a community. They don’t have lots but they have passion for life, which is great! You had a great experience 🙂

    1. Thanks

  10. Lovely pictures! Vilpatti looks and sounds like a perfect place for a quiet weekend away to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Erica.Am glad that you liked the place. Visit this beautiful village on your next trip to India.

  11. Vilpatti seems like a place to go if you want to take a step back from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

    1. Agree with you Michael. Vilpatti is one of the peaceful place in Kodaikanal

  12. I love reading your posts about less known towns or villages. Keep the good work

    1. Thanks Baia, Am glad that you liked the post.

  13. First, this is my first time on your blog and I absolutely love your logo! Second, this village sounds peaceful and lovely. I would love to explore the villages of India and get outside of the major touristy areas. Keep sharing more off the beaten track spots with us!

    1. Thanks Tara, am glad that you liked the place.

  14. Vilpatti looks like a beautiful place to disconnect from the world. Although you mentioned there aren’t many “sites” to see, I think it’s okay to travel to places like this even more so. Especially since the people here are super friendly and you don’t have to worry about getting chased by taxi drivers like in the city! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rachelle

  15. I would love to go to India one day and your blog post only makes me want to travel there more. It sounds amazing, this small village in the mountains, away from the big cities, like a good place if you want to relax for a day or two. Should I ever make it to India, I will keep this area in mind.

    1. Thanks Ilona, you should definitely come to India.

  16. I love the misty looking cloud forests in this area. Looks like a simple rural town and it’s always nice to get off the grid a little.

    1. Yes Ian, completely agree with you. Getting off the grid is always good, a lot of new experiences will be waiting for us. The visit to Vilpatti village in Kodaikanal was one like that. Kodaikanal is a must visit place in Tamil Nadu, India.

  17. Even though it is a small village it seems to be a great place to relax and really enjoy people. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Welcome Marquita

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