Triund trek image, Dharamshala

Trekking the misty mountains of Triund

The trail was perfect, no room for confusion throughout. The paths were stone paved, turned smooth over the time. I could see beautiful Dhauladhar ranges and Kangra valley on each side. As usual in all treks, there are many viewpoints along the way where the towns of Mcleodganj and Dharamsala can be seen.

Kangra valley picture from triund trek Dharamsala
Kangra valley

The night before the trek, I was staying in Naddi village.  A beautiful village different  from the much crowded part of McLeodganj. Started the trek by 9.30 after signing at the small police post. It was a pleasant day. The path was beautiful and damp, occasionally fog came and immersed the whole valley in its whiteness. Gradually the fog ascended towards the mountain tops, clearing the trails. We can see a wide variety of rhododendrons and their flowers while trekking. The road twisted and turned towards the top of Triund hills.

I continued my walk, people were coming back from the top after spending the night there. Everyone looked so happy and fresh, sharing their stories, encouraging those who go up with a smile. It’s very rare to see such happy and smiling faces in my city. But these mountains are different. They are doors to a different existence. The mountains connect us to nature and we begin to observe.

There were many small “chai” shops at regular distances along the trail, we can relax and enjoy the mountains sipping hot tea. We can even have a conversation with the Pahari people. All shops served hot Maggi noodles along with chai. Everything for these shops is brought from either Mcleodganj or Dharamsala. Sometimes while trekking you may hear bell ringing from a distance, they are nothing but the mules used to carry these goods. It’s better to stop and stand at a side until these guys pass. These strong mules even carry two gas cylinders together on their back.

Triund trek Dharamshala Mcleodganj- mules

The climb got steeper after walking five kilometres. I could see the change in vegetation, walked past three mountains now. The intervals between my rests shortened. As going further, I was filled with the anxiety to reach the top.

The last stretch was a bit exhausting compared to the first part. After trekking for about 45 minutes, I could hear people takings. I knew my destination is nearby.Around 2 pm, reached the top of Triund, sat on the meadow for some time, completely immersed myself in the magic that nature offered me.

Triund is not a difficult trek. It’s a weekend getaway for those from the states Delhi,Punjab, and Haryana.The top will be very crowded during weekends and holidays. Families can do this trekking easily. Many prefer to do trekking very early and come back by evening. It’s always better to climb early and take a tent so that you won’t be homeless for the night. Or else you can book your tent in advance from Dharamsala. The normal rate for tents in Triund top is INR 400. There are options for renting tents in McLeodganj and Dharamsala, so that you can fix your tent at  any place as you wish ( the tents available in the top will be already fixed at certain spots). But you have to pay some more money as advance. There is a forest guest house, which also has to be booked from Dharamsala.

There are a couple of shops over the top, food and everything will be available. You can save some money if you carry some food from McLeodganj.

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Triund Hills, Himachal Pradesh

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  1. Lively description, Awsome trek

  2. I was trying to go for this trek for so long. Your pictures just inspired me to do it soon.

    1. Thanks Devesh
      You will definitely like this trek. Have a good time

  3. i sincerely love places like this, its natural and i must say, thanks for this lovely photos

    1. Thanks Pospi.Glad that you liked this post.

  4. Gorgeous pictures here, so beautiful nature. Thank you for sharing !!

    1. Thank you Ance..Glad that you liked the pictures

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