Seven days Andaman islands itinerary

Seven days Andaman islands itinerary

Every new place brings changes in our perspective about life in one way or the other. We really evolve with each new destinations. It won’t be the same always, before and after a journey. We feel more refreshed, our opinions will change and our life becomes more hopeful. This is the main reason I believe we should travel often. Andaman islands were no different. It was a great experience for me. I learned new things, met many people, understood the life and culture of this island. Moreover, I got the chance to be close to nature.

The sands and waves of Andaman are very obsessive. Each day, this place gave me more interesting adventures. I spent hours on the beaches simply watching the waves. Whether it is walking barefoot on the sand, having a dip in the water, chasing little crabs on the beaches, exploring the forest, I enjoyed every moment here.

The turquoise sea and the untouched beaches attract many tourists to this tropical archipelago every year. Other than the beaches,  you have plenty to explore in these islands. Andaman has some of the best diving spots in the world. The marine life is unique and diverse.

My seven days Andaman islands itinerary will be helpful for you to plan your journey.

Seven days Andaman islands itinerary

Day 1, In and around Port Blair

Reached Port Blair from Chennai on a Saturday morning flight with my friends. Port Blair, a small port town, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Visited the Anthropology museum first. A good place for understanding the history of the islands. The museum showcase everything regarding the people and life here.

There are few restaurants nearby, never expect that since it is sea around and you can get seafood cheaply.

The next destination was the famous Cellular Prison, a national monument. This prison has an important role in India’s struggle for Independence.

It was evening then, decided to spend on a beach. There are no good beaches around the city. Went to Corbyn’s cove, few kilometres from Prot Blair.

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Day 2, Am still in Port Blair

The boat for the day was waiting at Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex. The boat takes us two places, the North Bay and Ross Island. North bay is 30-minute travel from Port Blair. Water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving are available there. We can walk up to a lighthouse on the top of a hill.

After Northbay, it was Ross island, a haunted island with the remains of colonial British township.

Came back to Port Blair by evening, spent some time in Jogger’s park.

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Day 3, Havelock, the best in Andaman islands

Andaman islands itinerary

We had booked a ticket for cruise boat to Havelock. Started to Havelock 9.30 AM, 70 km from Port Blair, an island known for its pristine beaches and marine life. It took around 2 hrs 30 minutes to reach Havelock.

After checking into our resort, went to Radhanagar beach, one of the best in Asia.

The evenings are more picturesque here, especially sunsets.

Day 4, Scuba Day

Woke up very excited in the morning, got ready for my first dive. Before coming here, we had done a lot of research to choose the best dive school in Havelock. There are some magnificent dive spots in Havelock. It was a great experience. The life under the sea here is beautiful.

kalapathar-beach andaman islands
Kala Pathar beach

Later, went to Kala Pathar, a rocky beach. This beach has a special vibe with all those rocks and uprooted trees, half drowned in the sea. The corals and shells on the shore make the beach more colourful. Spend the entire evening there.

At night, it was time for celebrating our first dive.

Day 5, Crocs and Treks
visit andaman islands
In search for the crocodiles

It was raining in the morning, everything started a bit late. Went to a nearby place for snorkelling. And later a boat ride through the mangroves looking for the Saltwater crocodiles, but couldn’t find one. Had few hours left before coming back to Havelock that day. I was not ready to waste it, went for a small jungle trek to Elephant beach. It was one of the most wonderful experience I had here. Elephant beach was so serene and peaceful.

The journey back to Port Blair was even more adventurous. The sea was very rough, and we had a tough time on the ship.

Day 6, The Great Andaman Road Trip

Andman islands

Back in Port Blair, it is the day for a road trip. A 350 km journey from one end to the other end, Diglipur, all the way through the villages and jungles of the island.

There are two sea creeks on the way, we have to load our vehicles on barges to reach the other side. On the way, spend some time for the “limestone caves” and “mud volcano” in Baratang. Reached Diglipur in the evening.

Day 7, Ross and Smith Islands
Ross and smith islands
From Smith to Ross

I had no idea Ross and Smith would be this much beautiful. It was drizzling when the boat started to Ross and Smith. Reached there after 30 minutes. Two islands, Ross and Smith, are joined by a natural sandbar. The sandbar will not be visible during high tide, but we can walk between the islands, water up to knee level with waves hitting from both sides.

The water is so green and clear, had no option other than run towards the water and jump into it. The place was so magical, I felt nature at it’s best.

It was still raining, hence our boat stayed there for more time.

I had to come back to Port Blair for my return flight next morning. The 350 km journey again, the road was more beautiful after the previous day rain.

Hope this seven days Andaman islands itinerary will be useful for you.

There are many tribal people living in the jungles of this island who are not much aware of the cunningness of modern man. Because of this, they are facing exploitation. Do respect them and their freedom.  Don’t appreciate any kind of activities which portrays these indigenous people as tourism commodities.  Studies show that coasts of Andaman islands are one of the most polluted in the world, the reason is definitely tourism. We have the responsibility to keep the island beautiful.

Keep travelling.

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