Andaman islands itenerary

How to travel Andaman islands in 7 days

Every new place brings changes in our perspective about life in one way or the other. We really evolve with each new destinations. It won’t be the same always, before and after a journey. We feel more refreshed, our opinions will change and our life becomes more hopeful. This is the main reason I believe […]

leh ladakh ride image

The ride with the wind, motorcycle stories from Himalayas

It was four of us; Poth, Chachan, and Ringo ( read as not important) besides myself. Chachan has already been to Ladakh a year before. He was planning to give the trip a miss this time, as he was still recovering from a knee surgery. Nevertheless, after repeated emotional blackmail and badgering (and a promise […]

Leh ladakh roads

The ride with the wind, motorcycle stories from Himalayas Part-2

We were all up early morning and changed into the riding gear. Our first pit stop was Tsomoriri Lake. The road was 220 km long with intermittent bad patches. The ride was a bit bumpy. After a while we reached Upishi. Upishi is a crossroad, and one of the roads lead to Manali. After the […]

North Bay beach image

North Bay and Ross Island – A day in Port Blair

Whenever I go to a new place, I try not to miss the first sunrise. Though I woke up at morning early, I missed my first sunrise here. Sun was already up in the sky. Out through the window of my room, I could see the streets getting busy with people even at 6 AM. […]

Port Blair Andaman islands

My first day at Andaman islands

My recent trip to Andaman happened at an unexpected time. Though these islands were always on my travel list for a long time, never thought I would be able to come here this soon. Everything happened very fast. Equally excited and curious, caught a morning flight from Chennai to the islands, 1200 kilometres away from […]

triund hills image

It’s not just the trek, there is much more in Triund

I didn’t want to take rest. I was not concerned about my tired muscles. Finally, I reached Triund.  The valley was so beautiful, green, with a spectacular view of snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. Many tents were fixed over the meadow. People had reached already. I bought a tent, kept my bag and went for […]

Kamakhya temple image

The mysterious Kamakhya Devi of Nilanchal

Modern Hinduism has changed a lot from its earlier form. Many practices once common was considered taboo now. However we can still find temples following those methods of worship in some parts of the country. Kamakhya temple in Assam is one among them. Midst the utmost secrecy of these rituals, the temple is quite popular […]

Tarapith temple image, West bengal. India

Visiting the unknown goddess of Tarapith

The very word Tara brings fear into many minds. For me, she is a breeze in the hot summer bringing in joy of the voids, takes to the mesmerizing worlds where whatever we see and experience become real. Ma Tara is regarded as second in the Dasa-Mahavidyas and the School of Tara has its origins […]