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Offbeat destinations in Western ghats: Nirmala city

This is my first post about Kerala, my native place. Kerala which is well known for its exclusive natural beauty is visited by travellers across the world. I always wanted to write about my place, but not unless I have something unique and new. So as the first post, I want to write about an offbeat place in the Western ghats, the mountain range that stretches the entire length of this small south Indian state.

The western ghats are the major factor for the unique geography and culture of Kerala. The highest regions of the western ghats are locally called the “high range”, which includes many hill stations like Munnar, Thekkady, Vagamon etc..

Apart from the picturesque locations, "high range" is also famous for its large cardamom, coffee and tea plantations, and the famous Periyar tiger reserve. But if you are looking for a different experience here, there are a lot of offbeat places you should not miss on your next trip. Only the people living here know about some of these places. When you go deeper in search of such hidden treasures in these mountains, you will realise the real magic of this place.

Being born in Kerala, I was able to travel extensively through this mountains and western ghats have become my favourite destination over the time. I was able to explore many offbeat places in this region. I will be writing more about these places in coming days.

First, on the list- The place is called “Nirmala city”. In the high range, you can find many places with the name ‘city'. Don't expect anything similar to the real cities. By ‘city’ means the place have 2-3 shops and mostly some public transport connectivity.

Nirmala city Kumily

‘Nirmala city’ is a small village near Kattappana. There is a small hike to the top of a hill from which you can have the best view of the catchment area of Idukki dam, one of the largest arch dam in Asia. This hill becomes more beautiful during the mass blooming of “Neelakurinji” plants (Stobilanthes kunthiana) once in twelve years. The blue 'neelakurinji' flowers will spread completely over these hills this time.

During my hike, halfway to the top, rain clouds appeared suddenly from nowhere and it began to rain. I didn't feel like running to some shade. Soon, small pieces of ice started to fall along the rain. Yes, it was hailstones.

Hike the hill expecting some good views of the western ghats and you will not be disappointed. Nirmala city is especially a good place to spend your evenings.

Nirmala city Kumily
From the top

Getting there,

Nirmala city is about 5 km from Kattapana towards Idukki. Kattappana is a small town about 30 km from Thekkady and Kumili. Public transport is available from Kattapana. There is a chance that you may miss this place because there are no sign boards. So it is better to ask people around for the direction.

From the main road, an unpaved road goes to the top. You can take your vehicle, park near the only shop there and start the hike. Don't forget to carry enough water during the hike and bring back the bottles.

On your next visit to Munnar or Thekkady, find some time to explore some of these offbeat destinations. I can definitely guarantee a great time and some wonderful experiences.

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  1. Oh that scenery just takes my breath away Jithin and you grew up there. You lucky man. I would love to see more of Kerala. I know it’s probably difficult to see your home town through new eyes, but just wow, please share

    1. Thanks a lot Michelle,
      I feel lucky to grow up in this beautiful place. Definitely, I will be sharing more about Kerala. I hope you can visit here one day.

  2. Amazing views and opportunity (getting to grow up there!!)

    1. Thanks, Ashley,
      Am glad that you liked the place.

  3. Jithin, I love your description of Kerala and the photos! What a beautiful place to call home! It looks so tranquil and relaxing!

    1. Thanks Davi

  4. Oh – what a beautiful view! I would love to have scenery like that when I take my nature walks. It’s especially stunning with the clouds rolling in.

    1. Thanks Alicia
      I hope you find good places for your walks

  5. I’ve never even heard of Kerala. Your photos are extremely beautiful and I plan to research this place! Thank you!


    1. Thanks Candy… I glad that you liked Kerala

  6. These photos are absolutely stunning. That view in the first one. This is somewhere I’d love to visit.

    1. Thanks Nicole…Hope to see you soon here

  7. First of all, gorgeous pictures!
    Secondly, you make India enticing. I honestly haven’t considered it to travel too, maybe I will now!

    1. Thanks for the good words Kathryn. India is an amazing place. You are always welcome here

  8. This looks like such a beautiful place to visit and explore! Your photos beautifully capture everything!

    1. Thanks Courtney

  9. Hey, nice post. You are giving me travel goals!

    1. Thanks Ronak…Am glad to give you travel goals always

  10. Wow, you got a great view from the top point. Offbeaten paths are often the very best!

    1. Thanks Amy, You are absolutely correct. Offbeat places are always the best

  11. What a beautiful country! The photos you took are amazing! I love to connect with nature on my travels but I’m too scared to go up so high myself. Thank you for taking the lovely photos so I can see too! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the good words Tina…Am glad that you liked the pics.

  12. oh, wow! so many wonderful places I don’t have idea they exist!

    1. Thanks Nati

  13. Beautiful! Your native land is lovely.

  14. Beautiful place to call your Homeland. I agree keep traveling!!

    1. Thanks Obi..Am glad you liked the place

  15. This is so beautiful. Such a gorgeous location. I would love to visit/travel here. <3

    1. Thanks Tiara..You are always welcome

  16. Great description of this beautiful state! Its a must see now!

    1. Thanks Aditi. Hope to see you on the mountains of Western ghats soon.

  17. I’ve heard many wonderful things about Kerala. The views of the mountains are beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Dharmesh

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