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Kurisadimeth: A place every nature lover must visit in Kodaikanal

When the surroundings where I exist most of the time starts to distract me, I gear up for a retreat. And that will be a journey to some unknown destinations. I often prefer going somewhere the air is fresh and cold. Kodaikanal is one such place where I go more frequently these days. Over the time I explored many such places here and that experiences brought me more close to this beautiful hill station. Kookal, Vattakanal, Manavannur, Poombarai etc are few of them.Β I am very grateful that each place visited here was unique and has given me some of the best travel experiences. So this time also, I was searching for such a place in Kodaikanal and one of my friends suggested me to visit Kurisadimeth. After visiting Kookal village last time, never expected I could find another better place in Kodaikanal.

Kurisadimeth is very near to the main town. So on the way, I was wondering how it is possible to find such a quiet place closer to the town. When I asked for taxi drivers to drop me at Kurisadimeth, some of them refused and some pointed their hands upwards to show where the place is. Though I was not able to see anything in the direction they pointed, I was happy that I am surely going upwards again. After few minutes of intense talk about the taxi fare, started my journey. As we left the town and started our climb, the driver realised that he has to go more than he expected. He kept asking me how I found out this place after each and every steep climb.

Misty mountains Kurisadimeth Kodaikanal places
view of Kurisadimeth from the guest house

Kurisadimeth is not a known place in Kodaikanal. It is a small area, with few people living around. Most of the people depend on agriculture. This place is very near to the forest. The only people coming to Kurisadimeth are those coming to one guest house situated here. So it is less crowded and not much polluted by the hustle and bustle of the nearby city.

The taxi driver asked for some extra money since the place is much far and higher than his expectation. I was glad about the view from the place as soon as I am out of the taxi. Went to the guest house and checked into the room. After a cup of tea, the next plan was to hike into the forest. A guide was waiting outside. I asked the guide to show me the best places he knows. He just smiled and started walking. I just had to follow him. He clearly understood what I was looking for and the best things were waiting for me on the way.

forest hikking in kodaikanal misty mountains kurisadimeth
the trails

Some of the most precious moments of life are when we are in a conversation with ourselves. When we are calm, undisturbed by unwanted thoughts, when our eyes open to the magic of nature, we feel connected to our surroundings, we will slowly start hearing our inner voice. That’s the best moment any person who loves to explore look for. And each place will reveal a different perspective of our existence. The connection we feel at that moment will make you realise the oneness of whatever exist in this universe.

Kodaikanal trekking misty mountains
nothing better than the silence here

We walked through the forest for hours, until night. We walked past the pine forest, jumped over many small streams, visited villages, saw many wildflowers, collected pine cones and explored many trails that lead deep into the wild. That day, I was a kid dancing to the rhythm of nature.

How to reach?

Kurisadimeth is about 4 km from Kodaikanal bus terminal. From the town, you have to take the Observatory Road. Taxis are available from the town itself. They will normally charge around 400-500 INR. If they are not aware of the name Kurisadimeth, tell them Misty Mountains (either of it will work most probably).


Other than the only guest house I mentioned before, there is no other option for accommodation. Either you can stay there or come back to the town.

The guest house has some basic rooms and it is located on the top a hill, from there you can have a good view of the entire area. Tents can also be pitched inside the property.

Things to do in Kurisadimeth

This place is picturesque and serene. If you are a person who enjoys the quietness and wants to spend some time simply looking at the mountains, this is the place for you.

kurisadimeth misty mountains kodaikanal places
the misty mountains

Guides are available, they will take you inside the forest and to the nearby villages.

The night sky is very beautiful, so go outside at night, sit somewhere and just look up. You will see many wonders up there.

Also read about Kookal, another picturesque village you must explore in Kodaikanal.

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53 thoughts on “Kurisadimeth: A place every nature lover must visit in Kodaikanal

  1. It looks like the perfect place to explore and stay in when you want a secluded getaway. I love that there is only one place to stay and there is so much beautiful nature around!

    1. Thanks Claudia..Am glad that you liked this small village in Kodaikanal. Kurisadimeth is a must visit place if you like offbeat destinations.

    1. Thanks Nandita, You should definitely visit Kurisadimeth on your next visit to Kodaikanal. It is such an amazing place.

    1. Thanks Jennifer…Am glad that you liked Kurisadimeth. The forest here is a good place for short hikes. A must visit place in Kodaikanal.

  2. I have never heard of Kodaikanal before, but the pictures you have taken make me want to visit. It seems like a great place to find some inner quiet and reflect.

  3. What a great place to get away and enjoy nature at its finest! I can’t imagine how relaxing it would be to stay out there with the busy world out of reach I was admiring the beautiful flowers that lined part of the hiking trail as well!

  4. To be frank, I am rather wary of very remote areas like this. I would probably go back to the main town while there is still daylight. Thank you for the virtual tour there.

  5. What an absolutely wonderful place. I too find that getting out in nature is very good for my spirit. Kurisadimeth sounds like it is well worth the effort to get there.

    1. Hi Lee, This place is in India. Kodaikanal is one of the major hill station in the southern part of the country.

  6. I like how you put things simply as it is (extra charges) and focuses on the peace and serenity of the location. I’m sure this is a place for one to meditate n look at life.

  7. The view of those misty mountains in the back is breath taking! πŸ™‚
    It’s so lovely when you find such a place, like Kurisadimeth in your case, that it’s not far, but it seems like kilometers away. So serene, not crowded, with lush nature… A perfect spot to go and rest, to take it slow for few days.
    Love it, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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