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All you want to know about Triund Trek

This post is about all the main information you need before going to Triund trek.  Actually, you don’t have to plan at all. Just book a bus ticket to Dharamsala, carry good shoes and clothes, just go for the trek. It is that much easy.  In my opinion, the Triund trek is the best if you are a beginner to trekking. I am sure, this beautiful trek will inspire you to go for other bigger adventures. The trail is full of rhododendrons, which gives a magical feel to the trek. So my small suggestion is to go for the time when these rhododendrons are blooming.

Triund hill is at a height of 2,842 meters MSL in Dhauladhar ranges of Lower Himalayas. The trekking route was earlier used by Gaddi shepherds for grazing cattle.The camping spot on the hill has 4-5 shops. We can reach Dharamsala very easily from Deihi, Punjab and Haryana. This ease of accessibility to Dharamsala makes this place very crowded during weekends and other holidays. Better avoid trekking in these days. It is a one-day trek, the difficulty level is easy to medium. Families can do this trek without much strain. If you are planning the return on the same day itself, it is better to start early. Several adventure tour companies are organizing Triund trek, but we can do the trek at much low expense compared to what these companies charge.

Triund trek

How to start Triund trek

The Triund trek starts from Galu Devi temple. You can hire cabs up to Galu Devi. Average trekking time is 4 hrs, can be completed in less time also depending upon the health conditions. Many prefer walking from Dharamkot or Mcleodganj up to Galu Devi temple. There is another trekking trail to Triund starting from Bhagsu Nag waterfall. As per the information from the local people, this route is a bit tough without a guide, there are chances to get lost.

Best time for the Triund trek

You can trek to Triund throughout the year, it will be little tough during winter. There won’t be any shops on the top at that time. Best time for the trek is July to October. It is always better to check the weather before planning the trek to Triund. The mountains will be snowy from November to April. The trek is possible during this time also, with a guide.

Triund trek

Accommodation and food

A Forest department guest house is there at the top with 6 rooms, only available through booking from the forest department office located behind Park restaurant, opposite to Dharamsala police station. Otherwise, you can stay in tents. Tents are available on the hilltop at a rate of 300-400 INR, the price can vary on demand. You can also book tents in advance or can take tents from McLeodganj.

Food is available at the shops on the trail and on the top. Everything will be a bit costly. It is better to carry some food, you can save some money. But the taste of hot food served from the top is special. Don’t expect much on food, it will be very basic.

Few things to know

The trail starts at Galu Devi temple, you need to give your details to the police check post. If you come very late, there are chances that police won’t allow you to trek. So start your trek early.

The final 1 km is the difficult part of the trek, it is steep and you need more time to trek this stretch.

If not carrying tents, you have to take it immediately as you reach the top. The tents will be already fixed, we can’t pitch tents as per our wish. Try to find one at a spot with some good views.

Food will be available at the shops at the top, it will be a bit expensive. Bringing your food can save some money.

Kangra valley
Kangra Valley


Beyond Triund

Trekking beyond Triund is also possible. To the north, 2-hour walk leads to Snowline at a height of 3300 meters MSL. There is a cafe at Snowline. You can stay at snowline, very few tents are available in the cafe. Furthur trekking leads to Ilaqa and then to Indrahar pass.

Triund trekking is a beautiful experience. Since more people are coming here, the amount of garbage thrown out into open is also huge. Many organizations are taking initiatives to collect these garbage. Garbage collecting points are there throughout the trail and even at the top of the hill. It is our responsibility to keep the place clean.

So have a great time in Triund. Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset.

It’s not just the trek, there is much more in Triund

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Keep traveling..

After Dharamsala, I was very much excited to explore more of the Himalayas, later I traveled to Spiti valley.

You can also read about trek from Kunzum pass to Chandratal in Spiti valley.

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