Chokramudi peak munnar

Chokramudi peak trek in Munnar

As I started to explore more in the Western ghats nowadays, many new and interesting places are getting into my head daily. The trek to Chokramudi peak was on such that I read in a social media page for travellers very recently. As soon as I came to know about the place, my interest to go there began to grow. And felt like doing the trek before the end of this year monsoons. The Southwest monsoon usually ends by October but this year it was extending a little bit longer, so I had my time to trek to Chokramudi peak.

So on a weekend, I reached Kumily from Chennai. From there, started the journey to find Chokramudi with my friend. We only had a small idea about the location of the peak. We knew it was nearer to Munnar. From Kumily, drove through the villages of Idukki, also known as “high range”. We asked many people on the way about Chokramudi, we got mixed responses. Some never heard of it, some had only a small idea where it is. We met some people who knew about the peak as we reached nearer on the way to Munnar. From a village called Udumbanchola, we were asked to go to Bison valley.

When we reached Bison valley, there was a bit of confusion regarding the entry point to the trek. A couple of times, we took the wrong route and had to come back. So after a lot of enquires and search, got the exact location of Chokramudi peak from one person. He told us to go drive towards Munnar direction till the beginning of the “Gap road” and look for a cross on the left side once you pass the gap road.

the trail begins here

Finally, we found the cross and began our trek. Very soon it started to rain. Since we expected rain, we were all prepared for it. The initial hike is a normal climb, there are proper trails to lead us. After that, the hike is over the rocks until we reach the top of the first peak. Since it was raining, the rocks were very slippery. It was little difficult for us to climb, the fog began to come and very soon we were in the middle of the clouds.

The first peak we reach is called “ Kurisu mala”. From there Chokramudi is yet another stretch.

Chokramudi trek

Chokramudi is one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghat region of Kerala. Sometimes, you can see the endangered“ Nilgiri Tahrs” here in the peak. Another speciality of Chokramudi peak is the “ Neelakurinji” as it is called in Malayalam. The scientific name is ‘Strobilanthes kunthianum’. The “Neelakurinji flower blooms once in 12 years, The mass blooming covers these mountains in entire blue. People from different part of the world come during this time to witness this phenomenon. The last mass blooming was in 2006 and this is the 12th year.  All are eagerly waiting to witness the blooming this year.  There are many places here in the hills of Munnar where you can go and see the Neelakurinji flowers. Nirmala city, a place near to Kattappana (Idukki district is one such place)

How to reach Chokramudi peak

Chokramudi is located between Bison valley and Munnar. If coming from Kumily, it is good to reach Bison valley via Udumbanchola and Rajakumari. Once you get nearer to Munnar, you find the entry to the “gap road” (connects Munnar and Salem), Chokramudi peak is nearby. You can find a cross on the roadside. Follow the trail behind and you are on the right track. The trail to the top is easy to find.

Look for the cross to find the trail
Few things about Chokramudi peak trek
  • Chokramudi peak trek is one of the best things to do in Munnar if you are looking for an offbeat experience. The trek is easy which can be completed in 2 hours.
  • Trek up to the first peak,  anyone with normal health conditon can do the atleat upto the first Kurisumala.
  • Carry enough water (on your own water bottles). There are no shops nearby.
  • Nearest places are Munnar and Bison valley
  • There are many resorts and guest around Chokramudi peak. But if you are looking for an economic accommodation, it is better to try in Munnar.
  • Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful from the top. So plan your trek to Chokramudi not to miss either of them.
  • You have to be very careful if there is rain, the rocks are slippery. You won’t be able to get balance and it is dangerous. A good pair of shoes with proper grip will be good.
  • Sometimes there will be a restriction for vehicles coming from Munnar side because of the works going on in the “ Gap road”. In that case, you have to reach Bison valley to go to Chokramudi. 

That’s all about Chokramudi. Go and explore the place. The views from the top are stunning. Avoid plastics in the mountain. Bring back whatever you have taken to the top. Have a good time in nature.

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Chokramudi trekking

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  1. I have not read much about Munnar itself not about Chokramudi Peak but it sounds from your journey experience that even many people in that region are not sure about it or know much about it. A true hidden gem then! Even with the weather, it looks beautiful and peaceful, that fogginess almost makes it more so!

    1. Thanks, Kavita.
      I suggest you should definitely visit Munnar. It is a wonderful place. Chokramudi is an offbeat trek near Munnar. This place becomes very beautiful during the blooming of Neelakurinji.

  2. That’s awesome! I have to admit that I don’t know much about India as I have never been there. But as a hiking addict I really love this. Your pictures definitely make me want to go there – I have a kind of list of things to do in various countries for future trips, I will for sure save that one.

  3. Even in this cloudy weather, the place looks stunning. Imagine if it is a sunny day, definitely awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Don, You are absolutely correct. This place is much beautiful during sunny days. The trek is much easier.

  4. Munnar and Chokramudi sounds like an amazing journey. Looks like it can get very wet though – good job timing your trek. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos as well.

    1. Thanks

  5. Never heard of Munnar and the Chokramundi Peak, but it looks like an interesting place. Very mysterious by the look at your pictures. Great you shared the exact entree point of the trek, so other visitors don’t have to go through the hassle of finding it!

    1. Hi Jo, I struggled a little bit to find the entry to the trek trail, so I don’t want anyone to get in trouble again. I hope it will help those who come for Chokramudi peak trek.

  6. Cool. This sounds fun and a bit adventurous. I wouldnt miss either chasing the sun in that view.

    1. Thanks Merida, Glad that you liked the post.

  7. Hi. The post is awesome.
    I have some queries
    Do we get prior permission from forest department for this trek or else just we have to register forest check post? And how much it costs?
    Can we do this trek alone or else any local guide or agent is required?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Ganesh, Glad that you liked the post. There is no need of any forest permission to trek Chokramudi. But make sure, the trail is not closed because of Neela Kurinji blooming. There won’t be any officials at the entrance. The Chokramudi peak can be done without any guides, you need to be careful, some areas are steep.

  8. Hi Jithin, thanks for the guide! I have one question the beginning of the trek you described is it on the bison valley side of the peak or the Devikulam. Many thanks! Jack

    1. Hi Jack, Glad that you liked the post. I started the trek to Chokramudi from the Bison Valley side.

  9. Is there a way to check if the trail is closed due to Neelakurinji Blooming?

    1. Most probably the trail will be closed but I am not sure. I will check and let you know.

  10. nice blog its just giving inspiration for travel

    1. Glad that you get some inspiration to travel. Thanks for the good words.

  11. Hey Jithin, You should have posted this earlier! I had walked more than 15km to find that cross!! Well that was in 2015.
    Yes, most of the people didn’t even know this name. So that definitely created a confusion. But it was fun. Glad you enjoyed the trek. Nice write up.

    1. Hey Jithin,
      We also had to ask a lot of people to find Chokramudi peak. But the trek was amazing, it rained when we were at the top. The rocks were slippery during the descend but a great experience.

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