Trekking the hills of Baba Budangiri

Chikmagalur is undoubtedly beautiful and a much less explored hill station in South India. Unlike many other commercialized hill stations in South India like Ooty or Kodaikanal, where it is very tiresome to find a place peaceful and without any buildings hindering our view; Chikmagalur is much better. This place is the major center of […]

misty mountains kodaikanal trekking

Kurisadimeth: A place every nature lover must visit in Kodaikanal

When the surroundings where I exist most of the time starts to distract me, I gear up for a retreat. And that will be a journey to some unknown destinations. I often prefer going somewhere the air is fresh and cold. Kodaikanal is one such place where I go more frequently these days. Over the […]

Western ghats Kumily

Offbeat destinations in Western ghats: Nirmala city

This is my first post about Kerala, my native place. Kerala which is well known for its exclusive natural beauty is visited by travellers across the world. I always wanted to write about my place, but not unless I have something unique and new.┬áSo as the first post, I want to write about an offbeat […]

Kookal village

Kookal village, the best way to experience Kodaikanal

A friend of mine called on a Friday evening and told he will take me to a beautiful village if I come to Kodaikanal. I never say no to offers like this. Unplanned journeys like this usually turn out to be the most memorable for me. I travel frequently to Kodaikanal but didn’t hear about […]