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I’m Jithin, welcome to my travel blog- The Roads and Beyond.

I come from Kerala, the southern state of India. While not travelling, I work as an automotive design engineer. 

the roads and beyond

“Bite by the travel bug”

I was not really bitten by any bug till now in order to fall in love with travel. On the other hand, I am very grateful to my parents who have taken me out to show places when I was a kid. My love for travel started there.

From college, I got good friends who are equally interested in travelling. More journeys happened during that time. Slowly over the time, I was transformed into a person who finds happiness going unknown places and see new things.

Moved to Chennai after studies and got busy in the professional world. Very soon I felt something is missing in life even though I love my job. Later I understood that this happens to everyone and they call it “ Quarter-life crisis”.

The Roads and Beyond – Begining

The roads and beyond

I realised that am hooked to travel, the one thing that gives me satisfaction more than anything. So the next question comes, “Are you going to quit your job for travelling?”.

During this time I read about many travellers who had left their 9-5 jobs to travel the world and make money while travelling. I must say that I admire them. They are the inspiration for starting this blog.

But my thoughts went in another way.

Is it necessary to quit the job to fulfil my travel dreams?

I have seen many of my colleagues who want to travel but not able to do that. They ask how I am getting this much time. What I tell them is simple, with proper planning and use of time, yes it is possible.

The idea to start a travel blog took wings while I was on the trek to Triund. Later I began reading many travel blogs, learned many things about blogging and started “The Roads and Beyond”.

Nowadays, the concept of travel is changing. The rise of social media has made travel more glamorous. Often, we consciously ignore to look into the real intention of travel; to understand our nature, to know people and to experience the cultures. We need to look beyond what we see in front of us, hence the name ” The Roads and Beyond”.

Travel doesn’t mean you have to buy a big backpack, fill your stuff and catch the next flight to your dream destination.

I am very happy if I can be a small motivation to those who wish to be on the road. “The Roads and Beyond” is the outcome of that. I will be sharing my experiences while I was on road, stories from my city, about off-beat destinations and all information needed for a budget travel plan.

My journeys

As a professional, I have limitations to travel. Full-time travel is not possible. So I make use of most of my weekend and holidays to fulfil my travel dreams. Since I am now living in Chennai, travelling to any part of South India is quite easy. I want to explore as much possible in this part of the country. You will find many wonderful travel experiences from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka here in this blog. I will be writing more about my city, Chennai also.

Recently I fell in love with the Western Ghats. Those magnificent mountains are beautiful and alluring, wish to explore this mountain more. In this blog, I will try to include as many experiences from the Western Ghats.

Read about my recent trek to Kumara Parvatha in the Western Ghats.

That’s about me and “The Roads and Beyond” for now.

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Hope to see you somewhere on the road…

Keep travelling….!!!

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