Nagalapuram trek guide

A guide to Nagalapuram falls trek

While planning for the trek to Nagalapuram hills a few months back, I felt a bit difficult to gather some important information about the place. But for me, the trek was a wonderful experience. Keep in mind few things well in advance, you will not face many difficulties along the way. The information I am sharing here will be very helpful to those who want to explore Nagalapuram hills and to have a good time in nature.

Located about 120 km from Chennai, Nagalapuram has become a favorite destination for adventure enthusiasts in Chennai. Nagalapuram is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh (Near to TamilNadu and Andhra border). Many trekkers and nature lovers hike this forest trail during weekends and holidays. The stream which flows along the trail and couple of natural pools are the main attractions in this trek.

Nagalapuram trek river
Follow the river
Nagalapuram falls trek, how to reach?

Don’t get confused with the search results you find in google map, set your destination as “Nagalapuram west trekking entrance”.

A weekend is very much enough for a trek to Nagalapuram hills. The sad part is public transport is not available from Chennai. It will take around 3-4 hours by car to reach the starting point.

The last village on the way is Arai, going further you will reach a dam and a small parking ground nearby. If you are staying overnight in the hills, just inform the concerned person in the parking ground. They will allow parking your vehicle in their house. You will get the help of guide also if needed.

Start walking and find the trail to Nagalapuram falls

From the dam, walk towards the right from the direction you came. A spillway about 750 meters from the parking ground is where you have to find the trail. Don’t follow the road. When I came here the first time, I got lost in the hills taking the wrong path, hiked in the wrong direction and took some time to find the exact trail.

If somebody is around, it is better to confirm with them about the trekking trail. Or else climb up to the dam, look around, if you see grassy plains, walk towards it and there is your path.

Hiking further will take you to a track, follow this track till you enter into the forest.

Now you are good to go, walk straight towards the direction of the hills.

Into the wild

Upon walking through the forest, we can easily spot a stream on the left side. You see many trails going in different directions. I don’t insist to take any particular path, it is totally your choice to choose which path to trek. Every trail will lead you into the forest and you can explore on your way. There are not much danger inside but make sure that you can find the way back in case you are lost. But to take the most common route, which will definitely take you to the falls, always make sure the stream is nearby and on your left side. 

The stream will get bigger and wider as you ascend and you will spot small pools also. About 30 minutes walk will take to a much big pool ( I think it is the first pool everyone talks about). This is a picnic spot and it will be busy with people most of the time.

Only few will further ascend the trail since the trek will get little treacherous afterward. A little conscious while walking can save you from getting few scratches. Moving upwards will take you to some more waterfalls and finally to the campsite.


There are two common places to camp, either on the top of the hill or in the catchment area of the dam where you started the trek. More people camp nearby the dam. To camp in the forest, just find out any good places to pitch your tent on the way before dark.

For camping, bring enough lights. Collect as much wood you needed for the night to keep you warm and for cooking. Water is good in the streams and can be used for cooking. Make all the arrangements for the camping before it gets dark.

Nagalapuram trek camping
Night camping
Few things to know before Nagalapuram falls trek

If you are coming for a one day trek, come as early as possible, trek and stay in the forest till afternoon and walk back in the evening.

If camping is in your plan, find a camping spot before nightfall because it will be very difficult to walk over the rocks in dark.

Don’t expect to get camping tents and other essential things in the village, bring everything you need.

If staying nearby water, don’t forget to get into the water during the night. It will be fun but be safe.

I had a great time with my friends camping near the waterfall. That was a full moon day, there were thousands of fireflies around us and the silence of the forest was so enchanting. Those are the moments when we understand and feel more connected to the mother nature.

nagalapuram trek

I want to say one important thing before concluding. As the number of people coming here is increased, littering is a big issue nowadays. You can see plastic covers, bottles and other wastes scattered inside the forest. The river is gradually getting polluted. If this situation continues, very soon we will lose this beautiful place also. We have to be more responsible towards our nature. So don’t leave anything in the forest, don’t allow anyone to do also.

Hope you will have a good time in Nagalapuram.

If you are in Chennai, don’t miss to visit Kanchipuram and Mahabalipuram, two heritage temple towns very near to Chennai.

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Keep traveling…


  1. It seems like a beautiful place.Beautiful natural pool on the way.I really like this rock arrangements.I am sure you had great time trekking towards the Nagalapuram falls!

    1. Thanks Amila. The natural pools are really beautiful. I had a great time trekking in these hills. Glad that you liked it.

  2. This seems like an absolutely beautiful and relaxing place to clear your mind! I would love to go one day. I love seeing waterfalls!

    1. Hello Cassidy,
      This forest trek experience is really amazing. We feel more connected to nature while hiking this trail. Am very glad that you liked the blog.

  3. The trek looks like such a peaceful, scenic experience. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks Kat…Yes, this trek is definitely a great experience. Am glad that you liked it

  4. It was a very nice read above
    Do you think is it safe to swim in the 3rd pool which is the deepest? I know swimming but i also heard about an IITIAN casualty who drowned because of downward dam current.

    1. Hi Abhi,
      Happy to know that you liked the post.
      Swimming in the third pool is little risky because it is little deep. You can use a tube or rope so that you can use as support in the water.

  5. Wow, that’s quite an amazing adventure! My boys are getting really into camping, hiking and the wilderness that awaits them on trails yet to be travelled! Sounds awesome.

    1. Hi Amy, good to know that your boys are growing adventurous. Take them to the best trekking locations near your place. Let them grow understanding the nature.

  6. This is a very beautiful place. It is very nice to see something sitting at home, a different culture and beautiful landscapes

    1. Hi Karolina, am glad that you liked Nagalapuram. This place is a major trekking destination in Chennai.

  7. Looks like a great place to explore! I love nature and right, we are responsible to take care of it.

    Pammy –

    1. Hi Pammy, I completely agree with your opinion. Nagalapuram is very crowded most weekends since it is the most known trekking destination near Chennai. As a result, littering is a common problem now. We need to be more responsible towards nature.

  8. What an absolutely beautiful place!! I would love to visit sometime!!

  9. Never heard of this place. Looks like you had a great adventure there. How do you find these off-the-beaten-path places?

    1. Hi Candy,
      I had a great time in Nagalapuram during the trek. I find out these off-beat places from my friends who like to explore such places. Also, I talk to the people living nearby, they know these places better than anyone.

  10. What beautiful pictures! I love this so much that now I want to go and take my family there for our summer vacation next year! I will be seriously looking into this.

  11. It sounds like a lovely place for trekking! You’re right to poin the litter issue out, most popular places always get covered in litter, that’s such a shame!

    1. I agree with you Nati, many beautiful places are getting covered with litter nowadays. And sad thing is people know that it is not good but still do it.

  12. Hi Jithin, Could you please help confirming the water status in falls? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Gokul, There will be water all the time but I suggest you go after some rain.

  13. Wow… Great review sounds great.. hope you had great time there. Tomorrow myself and my friends planned to visit this place. Happy to get some informations before heading towards it. Thanks for sharing these details.

  14. I am planning to introduce the concept of trekking and camping to my 6 years old son. Is this place a good start in and around Tamilnadu? or should I consider elsewhere? Also, is there a reliable guide who I can take along for a 1N/2D camping?

    1. Hi Bhavani,
      Trekking to Nagalapuram is not that hard. You can take your kid upto the first waterfall. It will be a good experience for your kid. Hiking further up will be difficult.
      You can contact the concerned person at the parking lot for guide.
      Have a good time

  15. Hi Bro, Did we can go alone without guide and Night stay is possible? coz I called local fellow, he’s saying like night stay is not allowed by the police. Please guide us, we r planning to go on coming Jan 26th. my no is 7299658080. Thanks

  16. What stunning scenery! I think hiking is one of the best ways to explore while travelling, and I’ll definitely have to add this to my list! I especially love the photo of the man and dog walking down the dirt road with the setting sun in the background… it looks like the start of an epic adventure!

    1. Thanks Erica

  17. Nice article, which best season to visit, in may is wall avaliable ?
    Liked ur webpage title…

    1. Thanks Suresh
      Am glad that you liked the post.

      Water will be very less in Nagalapuram falls during summer months.
      As you know, summer months are really hot there, you may feel a bit difficult to trek also.
      I would suggest any months after September to visit Nagalapuram.
      But there are people who treks here during summer also.

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